Ways to Make Life Easier at Home for Seniors | Executive Care of Hackensack

It can become difficult for seniors to stay safe, comfortable and independent in their homes during the aging process, but it doesn’t have to be!

When working to help your loved one remain in his or her home, you’ll want to take things into consideration like personal care, household chores, meals, money management and health care.

Ideas That May Help

There are many hacks that can help make everyday life easier for seniors.

Here are some tips that are worth trying out:

1. Keep soap from falling to the shower floor with pantyhose. You can take an old pair of pantyhose and cut one leg off. Place the bar of soap in the foot area and then tie the top end to the shower head or a grab bar. This way, the soap is always in reach of your loved one and there won’t be the risk of it falling on the floor and making things slippery and dangerous.

2. Rubber bands can make cups easier to grip. It may seem overly simple but wrapping some rubber bands around cups and mugs can make them easier for weak, shaky or arthritic hands to hold. Not only can this work for cups, but it also could be used on items like toothbrushes or pens

3. Organize medications. Keeping track of medications can be difficult for anyone, but especially a senior who is on numerous ones. There are apps available to help track medication, but most seniors do best with a calendar or printed spreadsheet that helps log and visually tracks when their medicines are to be taken. Pill organizers are an excellent thing to have, and you can also make larger-print labels to stick on the bottles.

4. Round out corners on furniture. Look through your loved one’s home and find sharp furniture corners, such as those on counters, coffee tables or nightstands. You can then round out or soften those corners by adding stick-on corner guards or moldable putty that dries into rubber.

You’ll also want to remember to do things like checking the refrigerator for healthy and up to date food and drink options, check on his or her mail to be sure bills are being paid on time and help keep the home organized and stocked in general.

There are many ways you can help make life easier at home for your aging loved one, with in-home care services being an ideal option. Executive Care of Hackensack is here to help ensure your loved one remains comfortable and independent in his or her own home.