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The Good Times Don’t Have to Stop due to Limited Mobility

Having a mobility issue can be frustrating, but doesn’t have to put an end to your loved one’s enjoyment of life. With a bit of thinking outside the box, there are still plenty of activities he or she can engage in regularly!

According to U.S. Census figures, there are some 47 million seniors living in America, which means there are plenty of mobility issues being experienced. A 2014 study found that 40% of those 65 and older have at least one disability, with two-thirds of those who responded to a survey saying they had issues with walking or climbing.

Does your loved one think that life as he or she knows it is ruined by a mobility problem? It certainly doesn’t have to mean that!

Enjoying Life Despite Limited Mobility Issues

You loved one doesn’t have to feel like he or she is stuck at home with nothing to do if suffering from mobility issues due to things like arthritis, strokes and other injuries.

Here are five excellent ideas that can help keep him or her busy and active:

  1. Scrapbooking. Chances are, your loved one has plenty of old photos just waiting to be sorted through. Creating a scrapbook is a great way to store them and can become an excellent family memory book!
  2. Outdoor time. As long as your loved one is safely enjoying the summer season from a shaded, cooler area, there can be many physical and emotional benefits to being outdoors. Make sure he or she is not getting overheated and is drinking enough water.
  3. Exercise. Limited mobility doesn’t mean exercise opportunities are gone, it just means trying some different routes. There are chair exercises and chair yoga classes your loved one could enjoy. There are even balance exercises for those using a walker.
  4. Bingo. Not only is bingo a fun day or night out for your loved one, but it is something that gives him or her the opportunity to get some quality socialization in, too.
  5. Creative activities. Things like painting, sculpting, crafts, etc. can be a way for your loved one to combat depression and anxiety.

These ideas are just a handful of the many activity options those with limited mobility can have. Fun does not have to stop when mobility issues come into play.

Know that Executive Care of Hackensack is always ready to step in and help make sure your loved one is leading the life he or she wants and deserves, right in the comfort of home. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our in-home care services.